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Hey, I'm Angel Lopez

Software Developer.
B.Comm. Business Technology Management; Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
Baker/Cake Decorator.



Ripple was my final project from Web Development Immersive at Bitmaker. It's online-dating meets charitable causes. Through a survey and selectable contribution methods like monetery, volunteer, or service, Ripple matches you up with organizations that are geared towards the causes you care about the most and offer you actionable ways to contribute. Built on Ruby on Rails and uses the Foundation framework.

ripple heroku app
electron app


An electron app that allows you to view Bitcoin prices in real time as a native app on your desktop; A mini project that uses the Electron framework.

LiveGauge Sensor GUI

A GUI for LiveGauge experiential marketing sensors for customer-facing support and use. Meant to make retreiving and updating hardware/software information user-friendly for clients. Uses the Electron framework.

wordpress site


A marketing strategic blog site built on Wordpress.